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7 min readSep 29, 2022


After a long wait and work…

We are happy to publish our roadmap after a long working period as a team! We are so glad you have joined us in this exciting adventure from the very beginning and that we are finally getting closer to our goals.

We hope you will be with us along the way! Let’s get into the details without further ado!

Eggcelland is the realm of 3333 Eggsies that contain Petsies in each of them.


First of all, we aim to create a game that pushes the limits of entertainment, a game that will take us back to our childhood, while generating income. We firmly believe that we can do this. We are aware that our Launch is during a bear market, but we know this will not affect a well-built project. So fasten your belts!

While we as a team trying to optimize every detail to give you the perfect gaming experience, you will be able to explore the dashboard and the Eggcelland right after the launch. And so a Petsy will start earning $EGGY as a reward after every mission it completes.


Commitment to Sustainability

While trying to make our WEB3 pets happy, healthy, entertained with their friends, and successfully completing tasks, we did not forget our pets in the real world. All living things, not just pets, are very important to us, and that’s why we started working to reset the carbon footprint of all our Ethereum transactions! That’s why we started our tree planting campaigns. You will be able to see the certificate of the trees planted by each NFT on the dashboard that will be published after the launch. And we will donate some of our game revenue to animal shelters in different parts of the world every month. As long as the Earth exists, WEB3 will continue to exist!


SURPRISE! Our game will be released right after launch! All missions and all content of the game will be opened to our holders. Other community members will have access to the demo of the game for free. Just for a while. Because we want everyone to know this world first. But Eggsy holders will have a big advantage.


Land in Eggcelland, and start exploring this world! Be ready for continuous development and change. Because this place has a different timeline! Upgrade your Eggsy, socialize your Petsy, feed them, train them, give them abilities, master their skills, and complete quests. Earn $EGGY by fighting against the enemies and bosses that threaten this wonderful world. Earn XP as you complete missions, improve your Petsy and earn $EGGY. The level of your Petsie will be important because it takes effort to complete challenging missions! By spending the tokens you earn on the marketplace, you can improve your Petz even more and take advantage of daily, weekly and monthly airdrops as you rise in the rankings.

We will continue to pursue our strategies to protect the value of $EGGY and to continuously increase the earnings of our valued supporters. We are aware that you make an effort to earn $EGGY and we will always do our best to ensure that this effort leads to good results. We are building a Marketplace, a Merch Store, and a Whitelist Store for communities in Eggcelland trading with $EGGY. In addition, as a team, we will airdrop 10 Eggsy NFTs that we will buy from the secondary market every month. The 1/1 outfits, armors, accessories, toys, and items we will bring to the game can also be purchased with $EGGY. 1/1 legendary items in the game will be a great help to gain XP.

From the first moment we started the project, we have always focused on creating a more perfect game with a greater purpose. We believe that this can only be provided with sense of continuity and sustainability. Rather than a short-term rise and then a rapid fall into decline, we try to stay at the top from the beginning, on the condition that it rises stably alone. That’s why we made an effort to cooperate with good partners. Because we want to provide the players with a continuous, great gaming experience and with it income that does not lose value.

$EGGY is the utility token that fuels the Eggcelland ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value. A utility token is a token that serves some use case within a specific ecosystem. These tokens allow users to perform some action on an ecosystem.

Every Eggsy has a unique cover that cannot be changed, but the Petsy in it will be customizable along with accessories, outfits, and changes purchased with $EGGY later in the future development. We want you to be a part of the design of our NFTs. Each randomly-generated anatomical part will also have a chance of being normal, magic, rare, or legendary.


We will release our compatible game in all web browsers right after launch! The collection with more than 200 traits and 20 1/1 legendary Eggsies will be revealed in 24 hours after sold out. First day Eggsies will start exploring the world as unrevealed. Exploration quests exclusive to the first day will not be repeated and will appear as a milestone in the achievements section, and Petsies who complete these quests will be rewarded.


Since our team knows the WEB3 community well, it has been doing it’s best to turn the stress and indecision process caused by the bear market into profit with fun for a while. In the later stages of the game, we will finalize our work for not only WEB3 members, but also communities in WEB2 such as Steam and Origin. We will share our mobile game with you shortly after the launch of the game in web browsers. We are looking forward to this and we are nearing the end of our development phase!


Items and equipments won in the game will take their place on blockchain as NFTs. And these can be purchased with $EGGY from the game’s marketplace, as well as from secondary markets such as OpenSea, X2Y2, Looksrare. Upgrade and level up your Petsy using these items and equipment, so you can perform more complex tasks in the game. Of course, the earnings of these challenging missions will be even better. In this way, the items and equipment you earn or buy in the game will also provide you with income. Items and equipment will differ in rarity, class, and power. At the end of all this, the Eggcelland will be a game that can be differentiated, innovative, constantly renewed, customizable, and always fun.

We will have an inventory system that we improve in order to offer our players a different and endless, constantly improving gaming experience and income. This will ensure a perfect partnership as we will also make our players and community the creators of other NFTs! Item and equipment NFTs that will be created in a different contract can be seen in the inventory section of our game and can also be traded on the game’s marketplace. Trade history in other secondary markets will still appear in the game. Thus, we will provide an uninterrupted gaming experience by matching the game and the data on the blockchain simultaneously!

As you know, Eggsies are the entity that covers and houses your Petsies. It is not difficult to predict that it will wear out as you complete the tasks. You will need to replenish the Eggsy with certain maintenance routines. You can do these with $EGGY. The better Eggsy, the more earnings! Because the Eggsies that protect them are very important for the morale of Petsies!

Our players, who have supported us since the first day and have explored and served Eggcelland with their Eggsies since the first day, will have a very special place for us. We will reward them with special achievements and these will be of great importance in the future. But still, to be fair to our players who didn’t discover us early, we will release PVP after our PVE world. Because the items and accessories to be equipped in PVP will make a difference. Therefore, we will give you enough time to have these items and equipment. In order to craft these items and equipment, you will need to upgrade your Petsy, send them to special courses, specialize them, and by that your proficient Petsy can craft higher-level items and equipment than low-level items and equipment! You can use them yourself if you want, or you can sell them to other players on the in-game marketplace or secondary markets! In summary, our players can craft PFP, create item and equipment NFTs, fight and earn income by completing missions!


You can use your Petsy as a PFP.

We believe PFPs are important to our project, they are one of our biggest partners with you because you can personalize them, and a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of our community and game, to promote them outside!

We will soon launch and publish our mobile game on iOS and Android so that our players can enjoy the perfect gaming experience everywhere.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications for all other developments!

Let’s get ready, here we go!

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3333 Eggsies, with the Petsies inside, have landed on WEB3 as a Play to Earn game! ✨🌈☁